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A helping hand
at end of life
to ease the way

Supporting Your Way:


No one dies alone. 


A calming presence that brings heart, vision, patience, respect and insight to each unique life.


- Suzanne Beattie-Johnson

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I am Suzanne, the founder of Supporting Your Way. I have more than 30 years’ experience in human services in direct service delivery and consulting with more than 50 health and welfare organisations. This has afforded me a wealth of knowledge, skills and networks as a foundation for a quality service experience. 


I am an empath who has the gift of intuition, which has brought emotional and spiritual healing to many people over many years. Being of service at end of life and to people who are grieving is a deeply profound honour. 

Supporting Your Way is welcoming, safe, accessible and inclusive. You can be assured of unconditional support, without bias or judgement. I can meet with you and tailor support to your needs in the way you choose.


There is no fee for an initial discussion of your needs. This will give us an opportunity to chat and get to know each other so you can decide if our connection and the service feels right for you. 

The Fee Schedule is: 

$90 per hour for doula support, grief guidance and spiritual healing work.  Payment plans can be arranged. 

$270 for workplace training and community presentations (includes preparation and a one hour presentation).

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Home: Service


  • Supporting you with all aspects of end of life planning and transition

  • Advocating for your voice to be heard - your wishes, your way.

  • Assisting you to tie up loose ends, write final messages and create your legacy. 

  • Offering you heart-based and evidence-informed grief education and guidance from someone with lived experience.

  • Assisting you to explore life purpose, enduring connections with those who have transitioned, and navigating the new ‘normal’.


  • Guiding you in life reflection and spiritual self discovery - your soul knows.

  • Offering strategies for spiritual healing of unresolved past life events that weigh heavily.  When the spirit is unburdened, the light gets in.

  • Helping you to tap into your inner being and feel connection, light, love, peace and grace.

  • Guiding you in meaningful ways to communicate with those who have transitioned.



End of life rights, funeral planning, grief guidance & spiritual healing

- training and presentations for: 

  • Communities  

  • Workplaces 

  • Facilities.  

Home: Contact

I will contact you as soon as I can

0428 638 988

Located in Melbourne, Australia




All I can say is thank you Suzanne for making the difference and making it in such a beautiful and honorable way. ~ Jana


I have such a warm feeling around my heart like I have known you my whole life. ~ Sofija


You are just the sweetest. Thank you for your love and support. I’ve been telling everyone about you and now I’m going to be making a memory book. Thanks beautiful soul. ~ Amelia


Mum was so anxious about her end of life planning, and you made it all so easy. It lifted a weight from her shoulders. She felt lightness and peace in her last months of life thanks to you. ~ Janet


Thanks for all your preparation and useful information. We were grateful to be able to benefit from all your expertise. ~Marion


Thank you Suzanne for being there for me. I appreciate having someone to talk to especially when I felt overwhelmed. ~ Connie

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Supporting Your Way is a culturally welcoming, safe, accessible and inclusive service that respects all cultures and beliefs.  SYW acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and their communities as the custodians of Country and honours their contributions, spiritual connections, heritage, culture and beliefs. SYW is grateful to be living and working on the land of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation.


Supporting Your Way is a welcoming, safe, accessible and inclusive service that advocates for and respects the rights, voice, contributions and diversity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender diverse, intersex, asexual and questioning (LGBTIQA+) communities and supporters. SYW recognises the limitations of the LGBTIQA+ acronym, acknowledging the richness of diverse identities and experiences.

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Full Member of:

Australian Community Workers Association

Grief Australia 

Dying With Dignity Victoria (VAD Witness)

Blue Knot Foundation 

Current Security Clearances

Working With Children Check

Police Check

NDIS Worker Screening Check


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